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Affordable Fire Sprinkler Systems in Somerset and Devon

Choose cost-effective fire sprinkler systems for your property in Devon and Somerset. At Domestic Sprinklers, we conduct a thorough survey of your premises and calculate the exact floor area in order to install an ideal fire sprinkler to suit your needs. Offering highly competitive prices, our suppliers in Wellington are happy to help. Wellington is located in Somerset which is actually situated almost on the Devon boarder, this means we are no more than 1 hour away from you. If you require work completing out f our area, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will provide you our direct contact details for the next regional director. Or our head office details. 

Being situated in the south west of England and dedicating our time to our customers in Devon and Somerset means nothing is too much trouble. response times are fantastic and we are always available. 

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With any fire suppression system a price for coverage can’t simply be provided as there are a lot of design parameters that must be taken into account. It would be wrong of us to provide a price per square meter or foot with the below in mind:

A typical low flow sprinkler head will cover a 3700mm x 3700mm area and is priced in accordance with BS9251 2014 currently (this is due to change to 2020).
Each head requires a flow rate of 30 litres per minute, which is far less than the fire brigade would use attending and hosing down the room with 300 litres per minute or more.
Also the system can control the fire (sometimes even extinguish the fire) and allow the emergency response team to show up and assist you with the clear up.

Fire is a devastating catastrophe caused mostly by electrical appliances. The smoke damage is far worse however, and unless the fire is controlled in early stages with water it can become uncontrollable very quickly.

It can happen to anyone, at any time, without notice!

Contact our specialist team who will provide a free quotation based on drawings or an initial dimensioned sketch.

We are FIRAS 3rd party accredited and so are monitored by an exterior organisation. 

Don't take the risk, make sure your Sprinkler contractor is fully accredited and fully insured!

Reliable Services

Reliable Services

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  • Less Pipework Leading to Less Disruption

  • Safety Precautions Adopted during Installation

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