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Fire Sprinklers Save Lives

Reliable Fire Sprinkler and Suppression Systems in Devon & Somerset

Choose Domestic Sprinklers to help you protect your home against fires. Professionally designed to operate over a predetermined floor area, fire sprinklers are instrumental in fire suppression. At our regional office in Wellington, we serve customers throughout Devon and Somerset, granting you the peace of mind that comes with efficient, high-quality preventative measures.

Proactive Prevention

Though smoke alarms can give warning of fires, they are only effective if you and your family are able to hear them. That’s why it’s crucial to have active fire protection measures in place. A domestic fire sprinkler system covers this.

Important Statistics

Important Statistics

  • Number of Accidental Fires in Dwellings in 2018 – 27,579

  • Number of Fatalities as a Result of Accidental Fires in 2018 – 353

  • Number of Injuries as a Result of Accidental Fires in 2018 – 16,000

  • 95% of Children Sleep through a Smoke Alarm


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Sprinklers Operate?

Fire sprinklers are individually heat-activated and connected to a network of water pipes that lead to your domestic water mains or a tank and pump. When the sprinklers detect heat and gases at the outset of fire, they activate at 74C (165F) mechanically and they deliver water directly to the source of the heat. Dependant on room size a sprinkler head can operate around 90 seconds after a fire first starts and starts cooling and controlling the fire at source. there are no dodgy switches or keys that could set the system off by mistake.

Cooling the fire at source prevents flashover provides time for you and your family to evacuate your property. Additionally, having a sprinkler in every room reduces the environmental impact and reduces water wastage. Did you know Sprinklers can operate with as little as 30 litres per minute? Unlike a 1" hose jet the fire service would attend with, which delivers over 

10 x that volume per minute

Why Are Sprinklers So Effective?

When a fire is detected early enough, it takes very little water to control. Fire sprinklers are effective because they operate automatically, even if you are not at home, by releasing water directly over the source of the fire and sounding the alarm. we can even install auto diallers to notify you when you are on the go and so you could contact the fire service. 

How Reliable Are Sprinklers?

Usually activating within 90 seconds of ignition, sprinklers are proven to have a success rate of more than 98% in controlling fires at their source. In 7 out of 10 cases, only 1 sprinkler head needs to be activated to control a fire, provided the sprinklers have been installed and maintained correctly.

Do Sprinklers Activate Accidentally?

Records show that sprinklers are very dependable, with a 14 million to 1 chance of an accidental discharge. that's great odds so be assured you are in safe hands at all times. 

Each sprinkler is fitted with a small thermal element (bulb) activated by heat from a fire. To reduce the chance of accidental activation, this is set to operate at no less than 20oC above ambient temperature.

Aren’t Sprinkler Systems Expensive?

No – in fact, in most cases, sprinkler installation comprises around 1 – 2% of new-build construction costs. Installing sprinklers will usually allow more freedom with the design too, reducing construction costs and improving usability.


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